Capture the joy of your family

Before our shoot we will either meet or chat on the phone about what you would like, the location of the shoot and decide the best time of day to do it. Wherever we are, we will plan activities that you normally like to do as a family so that I can capture those natural special moments. There will be time to do some traditional family portraits too.

Activities could include: walking the dog, playing in water/puddles, playing football or any sports, baking and cooking at home, playing games or crafts such as painting, puzzles, play dough, blocks or a scavenger hunt in the garden, family braai or picnic. My goal is to be just be an observer, to make the process as stress free as possible.

If it is an event such as a birthday party or any other gathering I will just fall into the background and take photos. Please inform guests that a photographer will be present. Again some time can be allowed for portraits and group photos. For events I suggest a minimum of 2 hours as it can take some time for the event to get started and for guests to feel comfortable with a photographer around


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